About Us

Hagen Auto offers cars to retail dealers. If you are a retail buyer I can direct you to the retail dealer that is offering the car for sale to the public



Hagen Auto is the result of three generations of car sales. Although we are currently wholesale only (meaning we sell only to other licensed dealers and not to the general public) our roots go back to 1932 when Leo Hagen opened his first car lot in Iowa.


Gene Hagen owned and ran dealerships in California, including Buick in Walnut Creek, Cadillac in Hollywood, and Chevrolet in San Diego.


Mark Hagen, current owner of Hagen Auto, is based in San Diego and has worked for BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Chevrolet , Cadillac, Acura and Jaguar. Mark works with his large dealer base to find any automobile.


Give us a call......any car.....any year.....any model......excellent prices.


Mark Hagen 

(858) 229-0558





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